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Our mission is to help composite manufacturers everywhere to improve their NDI throughput at a much lower cost.  It is the reason for our existence and the only focus of every breakthrough we pursue, every solution we design, and every investment we make. 


My name is Jaswinder Singh Sandhu and I am the Founder & CEO of Santec Systems, Inc. 

I believe life is all about discovering the “core” of your being.  In my quest to innovate Acoustography I faced many technical and personal challenges.  There were many heartaches and joys.  However, the most valuable thing I discovered was that life is all about how I could serve someone or bring value to someone with what I innovate.  Therefore, the “core” being of our company is to serve and bring extraordinary value to our customers with the best and most innovative ACOUSTOGRAPHY NDE solutions.

I would like to invite each and every organization involved in composite components development and manufacturing to partner with us.  Let’s dream and innovate together so we can help the economic growth and prosperity for all of us.    






Dr. Jaswinder Singh Sandhu, Fellow ASNT.

President & CEO

Santec Systems, Inc. is the inventor of ACOUSTOGRAPHY, an ultrasound imaging method where a novel super high-resolution 2D ultrasound detector (AO sensor) is used to produce instant x-ray like ultrasound images. 

The company is the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of ACOUSTOGRAPHY NDE solutions, products, and systems. 

Founded by Dr. Jas Sandhu, the company is the recipient of numerous Small Business Innovation Research Awards which were used to advance the core technology.

The company has advanced ACOUSTOGRAPHY through collaboration with aerospace giants such as Boeing, Airbus, GE Aviation, other composite users and manufacturers to implement the Acoustography method for Ultrasound Inspection.