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Aircraft Composite Brackets or Clips

Acoustography NDE is ideally suited for small clips because they can be imaged at various projection angles to identify defects. 

The example shows how the entire 5" long Clip can be viewed under the AO-TTU Imager's field of view.  The Clip was rotated for inspection at various projection angle in near real time; see clip orientation and corresponding acoustography images. 

AO-TTU Image of the Composite Clip side showing 4 drilled holes




AO-TTU Image of the Composite Clip showing defect in the tight radius;broken thin line.

Flat Composites


Flat components can be inspected by simply placing the part under the under the AO-TTU Field of View. 

Parts larger than the AO-TTU FOV can be imaged by taking multiple images and stitching them together. 

The video clip shows how a motion system (e.g. x-y slides) can be used to image the entire part by taking multiple images. 

Composite Clip oriented to inspect a side of the Clip

Composite Clip oriented to inspect the tight radius.